Predominantly created by amateurs and the self-taught, these postcards are almost all unique, one of a kind pieces and span a time frame of over eighty years, from about 1890 to the mid-1970’s.  They comprise a vast range of mediums and approaches, from watercolour to gouache to oils to collage and altered photography.  Subject matter ranges from the banal to births and deaths to the advent of the car and the camera to women’s suffrage and the confines of the trenches of WWI.  There are hundreds of singular works as well as several series of correspondence and/or collections made by individual artists.  Most have been posted and they originate from locales all over the world.

My purpose in beginning this blog is to share examples from my archive and hopefully facilitate a dialogue about the changing ways we communicate.  The postcard and the letter are slowly disappearing as a means of keeping in touch.  That is neither a good nor a bad thing; like everything in this universe it is merely part of the constant state of flux that makes existence interesting.



1916 Germany.




Ink.  1917, Germany.




Watercolour.  Postmarked 1903 Compi├Ęgne, France.




Watercolour.  Postmarked 1903 Compi├Ęgne, France.




Altered postcard.  Circa 1918 USA.




Altered postcard.  Circa 1915 Germany.




Altered postcard.  Circa 1915 Germany.




Crayon, ink.  1906 Frankport, NY.




Mixed Media & Collage.  Germany, undated.




Pencil, crayon.  Circa 1915.  Unposted.




Collage & watercolour.  1931. Unposted, UK.